Why Can t I find a Job: Don’t be Depressed

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Why can t I find a job? How many times has it happened to you that you have spent endless hours on the internet scanning every job portal existing on the plant and reading through each opening that has been posted and not being able to find a single one that was suitable?  By this time, you have a nerve wrecking, hair scratching and frustrating experience and you finally exclaim – Why can t I find a job? Well, there is no point fretting, cribbing and losing your mind as that will not resolve the issue. There could be several reasons behind this billion dollar question why can t I find a job! Following are some of the possible reasons that should help solve this mystery and help you answer the question why can t I find a job.

Why can t I find a job? Maybe it’s your email address.

People often tend to ask themselves, why can t I find a job? Well your sense of humor would not be really appreciated by a recruiter. Stay away from raunchy, tricky and complicated email addresses and stick to something simpler. Make a combination of your first name and last name along with some numbers such as your date of birth before the suffix of your email provider. As boring and mundane as it may sound, this would prevent you from wondering aloud why can t I find a job.

Why can t I find a job? Could it be your incomplete profile?

If you’re social networking profile is also up-to-date then why should you not do the same for your professional networking profile. Having an incomplete profile is as bad as going to an apparel showroom and finding all the racks empty. Revamp your existing profile; include sections on your educational qualifications, you skill sets, academic and professional achievements and any other details that you deem fit which you think would set you apart from the crowd. At the end of the day, a recruiter would want to look at one particular trait that you have which others don’t and how you would be an asset to their company. The answer to the question why can t I find a job lies in being clear headed. Just as we wrap presents with the wrapping paper with an extra bit of sheen, make yourself as a commodity the best deal that they could find in the market. If you do this, you’ll never be asking yourself why can t I find a job. Even if you have not had any prior work experience, make sure that you put in other experiences that you have gained such as volunteer work.

Why can t I find a job? Have I given the correct contact number?

Ok, it’s understandable that you did not update your bank with you new phone number but didn’t you update all your friends the minute the number was changed. The same etiquette needs to be followed in your professional life.  Let the recruiters not the hear the so familiar beep tone or ‘please check the number you have dialed’. If you have already applied at a couple of places, then send an email updating them that you have changed your cell phone number. Still wondering why can t I find a job? You should also update your resume wherever you have posted online at job portals so that new recruits can automatically contact you.

Why can t I find a job? Am I being choosy?

Well, like the old proverb says, beggars can’t be choosers! It is one thing being selective and picky about the jobs that you have found or been shortlisted for and it is another thing out rightly rejecting them without giving much of a thought. It is best to draft out a list of selection criteria which you would keep in mind before applying for a job. These could be certain skill sets that you intend to gain or it could be pay package or a particular location if you are seeking answer to a question like why can t I find a job. You should refrain from having some pre-conceived that would prejudice your selection criteria. Also, it would be better to have a more broad-minded viewpoint so that you can make your professional life by broadening your horizons. You need not limit yourself to boring desk jobs; rather you can look for options that spice up your work life by opting from work for home or volunteer for field work to prevent a sense of monotony from seeping in.

Why can t I find a job? Destiny

As much as you can try your luck, beyond a certain point sometimes its lady-luck and destiny that can shine upon you more than anything else. Many times, you may be tempted to ask why can t I find a job however it is out of sheer coincidence that you chance upon a job which you didn’t realize was an option for you or sometimes, you may meet a relevant person at a casual gathering who could connect you the right point of contact. There are several jobs out in the market that are perfect for you, don’t give up on your job search. The perfect job is a click away!