I Can t Find a Job: That’s my Problem

When you hear a friend says: I can t find a job even if I have all the needed documents, you will surely realize that everything is turning to recession.  It becomes anymore very alarming.  However, Authorized degree is here to save you.  Just read the following FAQs for more information.


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Then you have come to the right place – Authorized Degree!

Why can’t you tell me the Names and Addresses of the Colleges and Universities that grant the degrees before I graduate?

As we explain clearly on the site, our service ensures that the confidentiality of the Institutions and the security of YOU the client and your Credit/Debit Card or Paypal payment. Only those who graduate should learn the name of the Institution they graduate from, this is to reduce the likelihood negative publicity being directed towards the institution or the graduates. Authorizeddegree.com offers further security to the you by not releasing your payment to the Institution UNTIL they have sent to us your qualifications. We then forward them on to you.

Can I choose which University or College the degree is awarded by?

No! The choice of Institution is made by our experts, based on your choice of DEGREE and SUBJECT.

Can I specify the country, region or zone of the University or College that I graduate from?

Many loophole institutions operate legally by the clever use of jurisdictions (this is done for your benefit). We offer our services to an international client base without preference to any particular
country. that all the institutions we represent are legally formed and operating tertiary level institutions in ENGLISH SPEAKING (first world/developed) jurisdictions that have English as the institutional language of operation. It is probable (although not guaranteed) that your degree will come from a country other than the country of your residence. If you feel that the degree you seek must come from a location near you or that you cannot explain your degree thru distance programs (which by definition mean that physical attendance at the institution is not required) then you should not apply.

Will the institution have an email contact?

Up until October 1, 1998 all institutions represented by us operated an email contact for Graduate Affairs. Despite having their administration directed entirely off-line, they did so at OUR insistence as we believed that this would be convenient for our clients who come exclusively thru the Internet.
We provided clear explanations that for legal reasons email verification was not possible and that verification had to be presented by mail, in writing and accompanied by the written, signed consent of the graduate. Despite this, large numbers of our clients nevertheless attempted illegal verification requests, along with directing miscellaneous questions about Authorizeddegree.com and posing questions answered either in our FAQ or in the Graduation Package. The volume of these emails rendered the email contacts almost useless for genuine Graduate Affairs questions.
Effective October 1, 1998, no new institution represented by us will operate an email contact and those existing institutions that have operated email contacts at our insistence will no longer be required to do so. Most have indicated that they will decommission their email contacts immediately.
This in NO WAY diminishes the commitment of the institutions to providing timely responses to valid verification requests, which will continue uninterrupted.
The Customer Service policy of Authorizeddegree.com continues to be one that strives towards excellence and we will of course answer any questions directed towards us, as we have always done.

Will the institution have a website?

Yes of course.All the schools we represent have an online presence which can range from a simple Alumni Association website to an Online Study Portal, depending on the degree of importance the individual institution places upon a web presence to deliver its Distance Program content.
Distance Programs are not restricted to a web presence as a delivery means and utilize a range of media which includes correspondence by regular mail, email, text, phone, FAX, DVD, video conferencing and Portfolio Assessment.
In general the institutions have low internet profiles and their web presences are commensurate with the principle that they do not offer their programs direct to the public.

Will the college or university run its own campus?

Not necessarily. All of the institutions we represent are legally formed and operating private academic, rather than mainstream public, institutions. They provide non-traditional, distance programs and correspondence degree courses, using outsourced campus facilities when required, for instance, Summer Schools and Short Residential Courses. Distance Programs by definition mean that physical attendance at the institution is not required. However, all the institutions we represent have their own Administration Centers for administering the degree courses and post graduate services such as the FREE Verification Service. None of the institutions we represent advertise directly to the public nor is their association with authorizeddegree.com.



Many of us go through endless number and rounds of interviews and the result of all these still remains the same- the same frustration and nervousness on why I can t find a job? We now live in a world where competition for jobs is extremely fierce and there are millions of people who are competing for the same set of jobs. This is particularly true in a transient urban location which always has new people moving in and joining the local workforce. Additionally, the people who move here seem to be more qualified, generally speaking, than the average employee pool of many other cities. Because of this, it can be really difficult to get a job here and you end up wondering why the hell I can t find a job, even for a qualified individual such as you. The following article would help you in answering this question on why I can t find a job.

Why I can t find a job: the fundamentals

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure you’ve covered all of the basics that should be common sense in terms of getting a job but which sometimes get overlooked. This means that you have updated your resume which also means that you should have a colleague or friend take a look at it, give you feedback, point out typos and fix everything that may hinder your I can t find a job dilemma. This would also include preparing a fresh cover letter and buying stationary to print it out. Set up a professional email name if you don’t already have one because it’s not appropriate to contact potential employers from your email address that sounds unprofessional and colloquial. I can t find a job also means that you should invest in at least one professional outfit to wear to any interviews that you get which you’ll go to freshly showered and with a clean cut haircut. Arrive at them on time. Your future employers will almost all consider these things to be basic, obvious, common sense things that you should be doing so your failure to do them could be what’s preventing you from getting a job.

Why I can t find a job: actively Looking For Work

This should technically fall under the first category but it is ignored a surprising amount of the time, so it belongs on its own to give it the attention it needs. Needless to say, I can t find a job unless I start looking for it. This means that you are not merely browsing the latest newspaper ads every few days. You are online, looking up available jobs on every classified site available. You have to tell yourself that I can t find a job unless I start identifying places that I would like to work. After this you have to actually take your resume and cover letter to them, even if they aren’t advertising that they are hiring. You are putting out the word among all of your friends that you are seeking work and letting them know that they should tip you off to anything that sounds like it might be right for you such as I can t find a job dillema. And then you’re going back online and seeing what else is available. You’d be surprised how many people put in a minimum amount of effort to get work and then complain that they don’t have a job.

Why I can t find a job: make Yourself Memorable

You don’t have to pull any crazy stunts, but you should make sure that you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. If you have a particular skill or part job experience that really applies to a particular job, make a special note of it in your cover letter. If you have a website when you say I can t find a job, then that’s not an excuse.  Use your website that’s particularly visually appealing, a witty way of presenting yourself in email or a business card that usually captures attention, make use of this to get the eye of the person you are trying to have hire you. People hire those that they remember after the first introduction is complete. Figure out what “your thing” is and use it.

Why I can t find a job: Make It Easy to Hire You

The person that is trying to hire you is probably trying to fill an empty position and that means that he or she is probably completely frazzled. The easier you make that person’s job, the more likely it is that you are going to get the position that you want. This starts with your application. Make sure that you complete all of the requested application materials, following any special instructions made available to you that can lead to I can t find a job solution. If an ad says to send your resume in the body of an email, don’t send it as an attachment or forward links to your online portfolio. Also, be sure that you provide all methods of contacting you (IM, email address, phone number, address) in a clear and concise manner so that if the hiring individual wants to contact you, the information to do so is right at their fingertips and you will never say anymore I can t find a job.