Changing Careers at 50: A Midlife Decision

It’s not a joke to change a career at the peak of your age.  When some are retiring at age 50, there are those who want to venture to a new career.  If you are in the prime of your life and you want to find a better job, why not try to get a degree in SCIENCE. You can explore your opportunities in agriculture, biotechnology, chemistry, environmental science, research, etc.

Authorized Degree has an array of choices for your majors:

Available Majors:

  • Astronomy
  • Bio-Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Earth and Ocean Sciences
  • Etymology
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology and Immunology
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Zoology



If you feel pushed out at work or feel dreadful going to work every morning, you definitely need a career change in life. Though career change is an important move at every stage of life, changing careers at 50 is an extremely vital decision. After spending almost half your work life in a job, changing careers at 50 needs careful thinking and planning. Take career coaching, advice or counsel before changing careers at 50. It is important to discuss the pros and cons of shifting your work location, industry and also ascertain the impact on personal life. It is important to discuss this thought with best career advisors to understand the consequences of changing careers at 50.

While your career had taken off years ago, the job search, industry standards and work culture were not what they are today. Therefore, research and development on all aspects of the job world are necessary for changing careers at 50. It is essential to keep yourself updated to avoid the challenges of job search with latest technology. Internet provides the flexibility to access jobs across the globe. Explore the options of job portals and discover the various options to ease your job hunt. Find the information available online and use it to your best capacity. Internet is an extensive source for changing careers at 50. Since there is always a possibility of changing careers at 50; learning new skills, self development through trainings in your current work place, etc will help to find a new job quickly. At 50, it is normal to feel insecure. Therefore, overcome your fears and believe in your strengths.

Do not consider your age as a hurdle to your job search in midlife. On the contrary, use your experience smartly for changing careers at 50. You must have set goals and should focus on working in the direction to achieve the same. Even while changing careers at 50 envision your goals and chalk out a career plan to achieve the desired goals. Use the information from your network that you must have developed during your work life so far. Building creditable network to bank upon during times of information need is essential for changing careers at 50. Start career planning and be realistic. Follow your aims and passions. Assessing your skills and liking is an important step for changing careers at 50. Many of you would like to turn your passions into a full fledge career which you couldn’t do earlier. Fire up your learning and go through the required coaching to find jobs at 50. While changing careers at 50, drafting a comprehensive resume is the basic requirement. Add attractive achievements to sell yourself in the job market. Highlight the freelance projects, various trainings you had undertaken to boast about yourself. When changing careers at 50, it is essential to work smart rather than work hard. Demonstrate your management skills by getting the work done through others.

Before you plan to change careers, find out the best and worst in the various fields you wish to work for. Get information through your ex-colleagues, friends and relatives while changing careers at 50. Learn about the work responsibilities and work culture in your desired industry before you decide for changing careers at 50. Check out the potential growth in the industry and skill set required for climbing the success ladder. Fill in the skills gap if required. Adding to your skills and experience through temporary projects also provides opportunity to outshine in the industry while changing careers at 50. Striking a balance between personal life and work life is important at any stage of career. At 50, it is even more vital considering your physical and mental capacity. When you begin to identify yourself among the people who feel bored at work or lack interest in work then you are not wrong while changing careers at 50. Your needs, personality, strengths and values play an important role when you arechanging careers at 50. Bring out your natural talents and flaunt them distinctively from acquired skills. Your values lead you to the path of achievement of goals and satisfaction. Decide on what motivates you, what you desire while changing careers at 50. Think about your contribution to the industry and work towards the same. Take up job that you enjoy rather than what comes your way. Do not hesitate to take risk when necessary. Remember it is never too late to begin.