Careers Consultant can Help you Pick the Right Career

If you are confused with what you want in life, careers consultant is an answer.   Authorized Degree will help you through the expertise of careers consultant.  Whether you want a course in FINE ARTS & DESIGN and other related fields, we are here to help you.

Find a career in architecture, art direction, creative and graphic design, illustration and animation, photography, publishing, etc. You can also choose among the array of majors.

Available Majors:


Arts and Design

  • Advertising
  • Apparel Design
  • Animation
  • Art
  • Art History
  • Ceramics
  • Cinematography
  • Dance
  • Design Management
  • Drawing
  • Fashion Accessory Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Marketing and Management
  • Film and Television
  • Film Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Furniture Design
  • Game Design and Development
  • Glass
  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Technology
  • Historic Preservation
  • Jewelry and Metalsmithing
  • Illustration
  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Design
  • Mixed Media
  • Multimedia Design
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Performing Arts
  • Production Design
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture
  • Sound Design
  • Technical Fashion Studies
  • Textiles
  • Urban Design
  • Video
  • Visual Arts

Creative Writing

  • Creative Writing
  • Journalism


Careers consultant to help you take the right career pathway

Everybody needs and appreciates sound advice. Most people also rely or depend on a subject expert before making crucial decisions in their life. Globalization has given rise to many careers and that means the choice and options have become that much more difficult. Only a careers consultant can help solve the mystery from the root. Careers consultant are people who help in career planning. They help in training and development, functioning and external coaching if required by giving you practical guidance. Careers consultants are a smart choice because these individuals have several years of experience in the field of student counseling, human psychology, market trends and in-depth industry analysis. Armed with the right kind of academic education, careers consultants are usually certified people who have the authority to guide students including seasoned professionals. With more careers options than ever before, people struggle between the urge to become a Jason Statham and Steve Jobs. In order to make right career decisions, one need to have a solid understanding of the economy, the industry they want to be a part of and how their own abilities can help them do well. A lot of people are almost unaware of their hidden talents and only careers consultant can guide in such a way that these talents emerge out. Also, many recruitment agencies have careers consultant for the purpose of providing guidance to the students, fresh graduates and others who seek employment guidance.

The careers consultant is the person who will assess your talents, field of interest and preferences and then suggest a career option for you. The assessment of your profile will be based on a number of questions asked by your careers consultant that will be answered by you. The careers consultant will ask you to take up a career assessment test, which will consist of a number of questions related to the personal and the professional life. The answer to these queries is directly proportional to your field of interest and the goal you are aiming at. Most of the careers consultant has a deep insight into the human tendencies and their behaviors. The success or failure is based on your approach towards the task. If you take up a career path purely under peer pressure then you may face a lot of challenges in the future. This is exactly why the role of careers consultant becomes important. One of the places to find careers consultant is over the internet. There are lots of individuals who are selling the services of careers consultant. You can find some of them on different online forums or even on professional networking websites like LinkedIn. On the other hand, there are a lot of companies too who have a bench or group of careers consultant. These companies offer careers consultant depending upon the language and culture so that the person or group can benefit from it.

Well, almost everybody can be a coach at something or the other but doing it in and out on a more serious level is not an easy task. Careers consultant have a huge responsibility. Many parents have their hopes pinned on careers consultant so that their child gets the best professional advice ever. Now, interestingly, careers consultant do not only have to be people whom you don’t know. They could be people whom you know very closely – as much as, let’s just say, your best friend’s father. Careers consultant are of different kinds and therefore they can be people from different walks of life. If you know someone in the family who is well read and well traveled and you believe has the ability to guide you in the right direction then that’s your careers consultant.  In career choices just like in business, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Career choices are usually hard to make and what seems quite interesting at the moment may become mundane a few years into it. It is important that you choose a career based on your inner self more than your academic qualification. This is exactly why using the help of a true blood careers consultant is a bonus.

Now, while this may sound strange but a lot of people from the young generation wants to grow up to be careers consultants. Yes, they believe that given their interest, they like to speak to people, suggest them and bring about a positive change in their lives. Careers now have someone to look up to – careers consultant.