Career Advisors: How They Can Help

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Career advisors can make a positive change to our lives.

Are you a fresher confused by too many opportunities lying in front of you? Or, are you an experienced professional who wants to shift careers but can’t find a way out? Unsure what move to make? Make the right move – consult one of the many career advisors.

Career advisors, simply put, are professionals who help people make and execute career decisions. Career advisors usually have a Masters degree in career counseling or a closely related field. Due to their research and constant interaction with people of various backgrounds and industries, career advisors have extensive knowledge about the opportunities available, skills sets required and risk factors associated with almost every industry. A lot of schools appoint career advisors to help students choose the field they want to pursue. But, if your school didn’t have a career advisor or you just didn’t feel the need to use their services at the time, don’t fret! There are many career advisors whose services you can use to make the right career choice.

Traditionally, career advisors conducted their sessions face-to-face. However, as with most other business interactions, career counseling is also available online today (a practice that is commonly known as ‘e-advising’). This service provided by career advisors is very useful, particularly for those who need to travel long distances to meet them in person.

Here are a few ways in which career advisors can help you:

Identifying your areas of strength:

Career advisors interact with professionals in various industries so they can ask you relevant questions to help identify your areas of strength. Understanding your areas of strength is one of the key factors in determining the right career choice for you. In the process, career advisors may also be able to help you identify the areas of development that may hinder you from getting into the profession you love. Awareness about areas of development can help you work towards these through conscious self-practice or external trainings. It pays to speak to career advisors.

Understanding your priorities:

In addition to knowing your strengths and areas of development, it is also important to know the risk factors associated with various industries. Career advisors have in-depth knowledge about the pros and cons of all industries. Based on your priorities, the stage you are at in your career and your long term aspirations, career advisors will be able to guide you on what might be the best career choice for you.


As part of their services, most career advisors offer resume writing services. While writing your resume, they will note your current skill sets and highlight them in a way that suits the requirements of the job you are targeting. Career advisor also provides you with mock tests and interviews that are likely to boost your chances of success.

Moral support:

Making a career decision can be very challenging especially for professionals with a lot of experience and for those who have family responsibilities. Good career advisors can be true friends and give you the support you need to get past this challenge.

Placement assistance:

Often, they work with reputed placement agencies or have a good network across domains. They may be able to refer you to the right people/organizations to help you get your dream job.

Post-placement assistance:

Career advisors not only help find jobs but also provide you with tips and industry knowledge that can help you shine in your new role. You are better off talking to career advisors in detail about the industry you wish to get in.

Now, that you’re convinced you need the help of career advisors, don’t rush into it and contact the first group of career advisors you find on Google. Don’t get things wrong – the web can of course be a great place to start your search but it’s important to spend some time researching whether you’re putting your career in the right hands. A few things you can do to establish the credibility of career advisors are:

– Check the career advisors’ LinkedIn Profile. Do they have one in the first place? If they do, does it have details such as education, experience and other credentials? Are there any recommendations?

– Check certifications and accreditations. For example, you can check if career advisors are listed on the National Career Development Association in the United States.

– Ask for references and work sample (for services such as resume writing). The best way to judge a person’s ability is to see their work yourself and speak to people they’ve helped in the past.

– Get a break up of fees: Ask career advisors about the various services they offer and how much they charge for each service. Also, check for different packages that they may have to offer to suit your need and pocket.

If you aren’t satisfied with what you find about career advisor then don’t hesitate to look for other advisors who might be able to offer you better quality and pricing. There are many career advisors and with the help of some basic research, you might be able to get some life-changing advice.